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2 Most Important Things to Consider on Your Campus Visit

Gauge student happiness while on your campus visit. Choosing the right college to attend or even apply to can be a confusing and stressful experience. The campus tour typically ends up becoming a HUGE factor in deciding which college is the right fit for you. But how should you really approach the campus tour? Most parents and students come to the campus tour and treat it as more of a Q&A session than anything else. As a former tour guide and someone who toured tens of colleges during my own college search, I am here to share with you the 2 things you really should be doing on your college tour. 1) Are they smiling? One thing I always took careful note of was whether students and faculty...

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What I Wish Someone Had Told Me…Reflections of First Year College Students

Things to know as a first year college student What I wish someone had told me… There is no shortage advice and stories for prospective college students.  You will hear plenty of about how you “should” do the college application and selection process, as well as what you can expect when you finally arrive on Move-In Day for your first semester. As a faculty member I work with First-Year students, and speak to parents of these students.  I encounter story after story from new students who reflect back on the process of getting to college from the vantage point of 2-3 months of college under their belt.  Their stories are often very similar; so much so, that I asked several of them to...

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Why You Should Take AP Tests

        Why You Should Take AP Tests         May is AP testing month. Why should you take Advanced Placement tests?   Seniors – By the time you take AP exams in May, you have probably sent in your acceptance to your chosen college, so your test scores are not likely to change your admission status. However, depending upon your school, and your scores, you MIGHT receive equivalent course credit for classes and/or place into advanced classes. This may also allow you to save on tuition, or graduate early. You can find a college’s credit policy on the College Board’s website; however, you should always confirm the policy on the school’s own website. Here...

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Three Things to NEVER Do On The SAT

Three Things to NEVER Do On The SAT   SAT advice is usually about what to do—the books to use, the strategies to follow, and the best way to get out of a scoring plateau. But there are some things you want to make sure you never do, both when prepping for the SAT and when taking the actual SAT. 1. Circle the answers in your book This one may confuse you, but think about it—you are so engrossed in the test that you are a lot more likely to make careless mistakes. Like skipping a number as you bubble in answers. That’s right! I’ve seen many a student flub up transferring the answers they have circled in the booklet to the bubble in sheet. Bubble in your first time around so you don’t...

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Finally chose where you’re going to college? Great! What’s next?

So, you finally chose which college you’ll be attending, and you’re PUMPED! No more applications, running to the mailbox everyday and essays!…well, at least not until the fall 😉   It sounds like you’ve earned the opportunity to do the Wayne Brady, over and over again. Congrats, young lad.   But, what’s next? After the celebratory dance, the calls from the grandparents and that aunt you haven’t seen since RocketPower was still on, it’s time to enjoy your acceptance, but to remember that you’ll be entering an exciting and very different phase of life. The part of college that most people forget about is the early days, meeting friends,...

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