The 12 Most Beautiful College Campuses in America – #12 University of Colorado – Boulder

The beauty of a college campus extends past superficial aesthetics. A gorgeous quad or stunning architecture sets the tone of the campus climate and inspires students. Considering you will be (presumably) living there for four years, you should consider the appearance of the school when deciding whether it is a good fit for you. Does it inspire you to learn? Does the Hogwarts-esque library create a stirring inside you to dive into old philosophy texts and get inside the head of Plato? Here are 10 of the most beautiful college campuses in America:


12) University of Colorado – Boulder

As long as you aren’t a little afraid of snow, you might be able to see yourself enjoying the natural beauty of the University of Colorado – Boulder’s campus. Tucked against the Rockies, the campus itself is diverse in natural attractions, from brooks and streams to forest and snow-capped mountains. There is a little something for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

University of Colorado Campus

University of Colorado Boulder

Colorado 3








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