4 College Application Mistakes That Reduce Your Chances of Admission


ApplyKit college application mistakes

For most students, applying to college is not exactly the most exciting experience. Every time you think you’re done, another thing pops up. First, you have to search through thousands of colleges, visit schools, manage deadlines, essays, supplemental essays, tests, tests and more tests!

Oh yeah, then there’s financial aid and tuition. How are you going to pay? How do you take out loans?

It seems like a never ending process that you just want to get done. We know, we’ve been there. However, when this happens, students tend to mismanage their applications, which is unfortunate because they already have spent so much time piecing everything together. Our goal is to help you avoid mistakes on your college application.

So, how can you overcome this?

Keep Track of Due Dates

1. The first thing you should do after choosing all the schools that you have an interest in is to enter them into your ApplyKit. That will automatically keep track of all your due dates and important information for each school that you submit. So, right off the bat you’ve taken care a major issue: getting everything in on time.

Seek Guidance

2. It’s easy and common for students to think that applying to college only involves picking a few schools they like, writing one essay and sending out a form. With the excitement of Senior year underway, sports, prom and the pressure to keep your grades up (and avoid senioritis!), the nitty-gritty work of college applications can often take a backseat. To avoid this, be sure to involve your parents or guardians and talk with your guidance counselor.

Take Initiative 

3. There’s nothing worse than having mommy or daddy call and email admissions officers telling them how great of a student you are and how much you like the school. You should get to know the admissions officers at your target schools. This doesn’t mean you should email them daily or waste their time, but it’s never a bad idea to keep in touch every so often and ask intelligent questions with a clear purpose. If an admin officer recognizes your name and associates it with an ambitious student who clearly articulated his or her questions and then acted upon the advice, that is certainly a nice boost.


4. Admissions officers see a lot of applications everyday. If there is even one spelling error, extra comma, forgotten period, etcetera, the chances of you being accepted to that college is significantly reduced. Your application is incredibly important and there are a ton of tools/individuals out there to help you write your essays, so admin officers take that very seriously. So, make sure to reread your essays, edit and revise properly. 🙂



Gaining acceptance to the college of your choice is difficult. You put in years of hard work, hours upon hours creating your application and researching schools, so be sure to follow the entire process through.

– Keep track of ALL due dates and deliverables

– Seek guidance

– Take initiative

– Proofread!

College application mistakes are so common that by just submitting everything on time and in an organized manner not only gives you a boost, but it will actually save you time. Nothing is worse than scrambling last minute to send out applications, finish that essay you procrastinated and flag down teachers for recommendations. Organization is key to gaining acceptance and being successful in college and beyond.

As always, we’re here to help! Just send questions to brandon@applykit.com and we’ll take care of everything else. 🙂