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Why Every Student Should Study Abroad

This is a guest post by Launch Education. Unlike most tutoring companies, Launch Education understands that academic success involves a lot more than just knowing the material. Learn more by visiting their website.  The time spent in formal education is designed to give us the knowledge to sustain a career and prepare us to be a contributing member of society. These facts are widely known, however, what is not revealed until one actually experiences the entire path, is that just as much learning takes place outside of the classroom as in it. The social interaction and milestones such as learning to drive or moving out of the house to go to college all shape us into full adults as much as the...

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Seniors, want to go on a STAPLES shopping spree?

ApplyKit is going to buy your school supplies for the first year of College! If you applied Early Action OR Early Decision inthis application cycle, you are automatically eligible! 3 Seniors are going to go on a STAPLES shopping spree and have their ENTIRE FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE’S school supplies paid for by ApplyKit. Just “Like” ApplyKit by visiting the link to Facebook, complete the survey found here ( and you will be be automatically entered to win! Your responses will not be made public. We will email the 3 winners with the details on January 31, 2014! ACT NOW!!      Read More →

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Should My Child Take the SAT, ACT or Both?

Guest post by Alex Hollis – CEO of TestSoup.  Taking the SAT on March 8th or the ACT on February 8th? Prepare for the SAT, ACT or both with TestSoup’s Digital Flashcards! 50% off until 1/13/2014. See below for more details. It was a cool fall morning in Southern New Hampshire the day I took my SAT’s. I entered the testing center with that unpleasant “I know the next three hours will determine the rest of my life” feeling. You know, that feeling that your stomach is full of led pellets and your head is full of the bizarre chaos of a Tom Waits song. Shortly after entering the testing center a woman in the front of the crowd was explaining to me and the rest of the horde of...

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SAT or ACT? The Choice is Yours!

There are two major types of college entrance exams currently accepted by most colleges. These are the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT) examinations. The ACT test was developed in the late 1950’s, and hras recently become more popular with test-takers than the SAT, which is 30 years older. Students may question whether it is better to take the SAT or ACT assessment to prepare for college. The short answer to that is – play to your strengths. The tests are slightly different, so you want to take the one that is most conducive to your test-taking style. An SAT may be more your style if you have strong reading skills and a sizable vocabulary. The person...

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Focus on: Personal Essay Question 5 – A Transitional Moment

Guest Blog Series by Katrina Oko-Odoi: Writing your College Admissions Essay for the New Common Application  Focus on: Personal Essay Question 5 – A Transitional Moment In past posts, we’ve addressed how the new changes to the 2014 Common Application will affect you, and we’ve taken a look at essay questions one through four. Today we focus on the final Common App essay – question number five. The Basics: –Keep it unique. Originality is key if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd. –Shoot for around 500 words on your first draft. After thorough edits and additions, you’ll likely be closer to the 650 word limit. -Remember, your essay is a supplement to the rest...

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