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Where to Find the Biggest Scholarship

A guest post by Michelle Kretzschmar of If you’re looking for scholarships to pay for college, it’s time to stop playing with duck tape and start looking at colleges. Why? Because students are likely to receive their largest scholarship from the colleges they actually attend. After the federal government, institutions are the largest provider of financial aid to students. In fact, colleges provide the largest amount of scholarships to individual students. This includes both need-based and merit-based awards. According the National Center for Education Statistics,  public doctorate-granting institutions provide an average of $4,500 to 25.3% of students while...

Your Expected Family Contribution: The Importance of EFC

A guest post by Michelle Kretzschmar, creator of the DIY College Rankings Spreadsheet. What are the three most important letters to start your college search process? SAT or ACT? With the number of colleges going test optional each year? Nope.  GPA? Well I can’t deny that it will be a significant factor but not the most important in starting your search. What then? EFC. These three letters should be accounted for about the same time you take the PSAT, if not sooner. EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution and is the basis for what the college will eventually charge you. Unfortunately, too many families don’t encounter their EFC until they submitted their FAFSA. This is generally...

Posted by Bobby Touran

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