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Should My Child Take the SAT, ACT or Both?

Guest post by Alex Hollis – CEO of TestSoup.  Taking the SAT on March 8th or the ACT on February 8th? Prepare for the SAT, ACT or both with TestSoup’s Digital Flashcards! 50% off until 1/13/2014. See below for more details. It was a cool fall morning in Southern New Hampshire the day I took my SAT’s. I entered the testing center with that unpleasant “I know the next three hours will determine the rest of my life” feeling. You know, that feeling that your stomach is full of led pellets and your head is full of the bizarre chaos of a Tom Waits song. Shortly after entering the testing center a woman in the front of the crowd was explaining to me and the rest of the horde of...

Posted by Bobby Touran

SAT Scores for Ivy League Schools

SAT scores for Ivy league schools are not the lone factor determining whether or not admissions officers decide to accept you into school, but a good score is nearly essential for the most prestigious universities. We can determine the desired range of SAT score for Ivy League schools by looking at their current enrollment: Just 25 percent of the attendees at Yale and Princeton, for instance, have a reading score below 700. Cornell and Brown are the most tolerant of this, as 25% of their students scored below 630 in that category. For writing, the Ivy League school with the loftiest standards was Yale. Three-quarters of the student body at that school entered with a score of 710 or better in...

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SAT or ACT? The Choice is Yours!

There are two major types of college entrance exams currently accepted by most colleges. These are the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT) examinations. The ACT test was developed in the late 1950’s, and hras recently become more popular with test-takers than the SAT, which is 30 years older. Students may question whether it is better to take the SAT or ACT assessment to prepare for college. The short answer to that is – play to your strengths. The tests are slightly different, so you want to take the one that is most conducive to your test-taking style. An SAT may be more your style if you have strong reading skills and a sizable vocabulary. The person...

Posted by Bobby Touran

How to Get Into an Ivy League School

Ivy League schools are fussy about who they admit. After all, they are some of the most prestigious schools in the country, if not the world, and they are now even more difficult than ever to get accepted into, due to the huge rise in the number of applicants brought about by online applications. You may not have a perfect GPA or a long list of accomplishments in extracurricular activities. But, that does not mean that you can’t get into an Ivy League school. The most important thing you can do to get into such an institution is to take challenging courses in high school, especially college-prep courses. Doing well in an advanced course will mean more to an Ivy League recruiter than excelling...

Posted by Bobby Touran

5 Tips to a Successful College Application Process
A watch on a book.

The best way to help ensure a successful college application process is through proper time management.
Public domain photo, by Bartosz Kossakowski.

Applying for college takes a concerted effort from students, parents, and college administrators. Managing it all can seem overwhelming at times. However, here are 5 tips to keep in mind to help you organize your college application process.

1) Plan ahead – The earlier you begin the each part of the process, the more time you will have to complete each task.

2) Take your SAT and/or ACT early – Sit { } for a SAT and/or an ACT exam before your senior year, if possible. If you feel you need to raise your score, you can try again early in your senior year.


Posted by Bobby Touran

Take the Easy Approach to Short Reading Comprehension Passages

A guest post by Veritas Prep One benefit to the Reading Comprehension questions on the SAT test is that not every passage is nine paragraphs long. You will come across short passages – alone, and in pairs. Less reading time leaves more time for analysis and careful study of the questions posed. So how should your approach change from longer to shorter passages? For longer passages, it makes sense to thoroughly read and take short notes on the important information presented (main idea, the function of each paragraph, the author’s point of view, any details that feel important to you, etc.). Shorter passages, however, will usually only be accompanied by 1-2 questions. Therefore, it makes sense...

Posted by Bobby Touran

Identify Preposition Errors in SAT Writing

A Guest Post By Veritas Prep Many students find that prepositional phrases are the bane of their existence on the writing section of the SAT.  The SAT likes to use propositional phrases to confuse test takers by adding a bunch of words in between the subject and verb or the pronoun and the antecedent.  Armed with foreknowledge, you can catch the test-writers at their game and never get fooled again.  Here’s what you need to know… How to identify a prepositional phrase: Prepositions are little words that indicate location in time and space; common examples include “at,” “in,” “through,” “before,” “above,” “without,” “along,” “beyond,” “with,” etc. A...

Posted by Bobby Touran

College Application Senior Year Checklist

When the bus pulls up for the first day of your last year of high school, you are well on your way to getting into college!   Going into your final year of high school is exciting. Here are seven college application tips to remember for your senior year checklist in high school: 1) You should narrow your choice of school down to just a few finalists. By the time you start 12th grade, you should have your selection down to just three to five schools. 2) If you have not already taken your SAT’s, you will need to do so during your senior year in high school. If you took it in your junior year and were not happy with the results, you can take it again. 3) Finish applying for scholarships....

Posted by Bobby Touran

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