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Take the Easy Approach to Short Reading Comprehension Passages

A guest post by Veritas Prep One benefit to the Reading Comprehension questions on the SAT test is that not every passage is nine paragraphs long. You will come across short passages – alone, and in pairs. Less reading time leaves more time for analysis and careful study of the questions posed. So how should your approach change from longer to shorter passages? For longer passages, it makes sense to thoroughly read and take short notes on the important information presented (main idea, the function of each paragraph, the author’s point of view, any details that feel important to you, etc.). Shorter passages, however, will usually only be accompanied by 1-2 questions. Therefore, it makes sense...

Posted by Bobby Touran

Identify Preposition Errors in SAT Writing

A Guest Post By Veritas Prep Many students find that prepositional phrases are the bane of their existence on the writing section of the SAT.  The SAT likes to use propositional phrases to confuse test takers by adding a bunch of words in between the subject and verb or the pronoun and the antecedent.  Armed with foreknowledge, you can catch the test-writers at their game and never get fooled again.  Here’s what you need to know… How to identify a prepositional phrase: Prepositions are little words that indicate location in time and space; common examples include “at,” “in,” “through,” “before,” “above,” “without,” “along,” “beyond,” “with,” etc. A...

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Learn to Solve Three Different Types of Algebra Problems

A guest post by Veritas Prep Algebra problems on the SAT may take several forms, but they generally involve some variation on solving for a variable or expression.   Read through this article to see the process of working through a few variations of those “solve for x” or “what is the value of x?” types of problems. 1.     The standard “what is the value of x” problem: This kind of problem will generally involve an equation involving the variable whose value you have to find. Let’s say that you’re given the equation 5x + 14 = 2x +47. To find the value of x, you have to solve for x in this equation.  Do everything you need to do to isolate x on one side of the equation (making...

Posted by Bobby Touran

3 Tips for Writing the SAT Essay

A guest post by Veritas Prep: Want to know the secret to writing an essay for the SAT? In the case of the SAT essay, success is in the details. Specific details in an essay support a thesis statement like experimental evidence proves scientific theory. The more substantive detail you include in your writing, the more you support your argument. Here are some tips for how to generate and organize those details into a perfect scoring essay. Make your introduction and conclusion paragraphs short and to the point. The body paragraphs are what earn points because they contain the details and the support. You only have 25 minutes to write this essay, so allot the majority of time for the point earning...

Posted by Bobby Touran

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