College Admissions: Use Social Media To Your Advantage

social media

It’s no secret that colleges are now screening applicants’ social media profiles, but that doesn’t mean that you should simply set everything to private and attempt to cover up your identify by using a fake name. In fact, you can use this to your advantage.

While colleges tend to scan social profiles to get a better sense of who the applicants are and check to make sure students are not engaging in illegal or questionable behavior, they are also looking for interesting things that you write and create, which can give your application a boost, and as schools become more and more competitive, you need to standout.

1. Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your thoughts, interests and projects online. You don’t need to have 100k readers a month to impress admissions officers, though. Simply posting interesting and informative content will speak volumes about you. Not sure what to blog about? Think about what you read and do on a daily basis, or even better, think about what you’d like to do after college. It’s never too early to start developing your online presence.

2.Take online courses

Excelling academically in the classroom is fantastic, but there’s so much more to learn. There are thousands of online courses, many of which are free, that teach you anything you can think of. Things like Photography, design, how to play an instrument and much, much more are all freely accessible on the internet to anyone who desires to learn. You can also earn badges of certification, which are shareable across your social profiles, and will make you a more desirable candidate. There’s no pressure, either. If you decide halfway in that a course isn’t interesting, you can just switch to another one without and repercussions.

3. Learn basic technical skills

Everywhere you look, technology is becoming more and more important, yet it’s still so new. We can hardly live without our iPhones and barely remember life before them, but iPhones have only been around for 7 years. Don’t you think it’d be a good idea to learn how these things work and maybe even build your own app if you decided to take it to the next level?

That’s certainly more impressive than  joining a bunch of clubs in an effort to improve your application. Colleges want self-starters, and showing that you can learn and build things on your own is an extremely desirable skill that will serve you well for many years to come.

4. Opine on current events and interesting topics

Don’t worry if coding is not your thing, there are plenty of other ways to express your opinions, intellect and creativity. You can participate in online communities around subject matters that you enjoy, and maybe one that’s related to your intended major. The environment, politics, economy, etc. are all topics that have a lot of interesting discussions around, and colleges would be more than pleased to see you voluntarily participating  with thoughtful commentary.

There are of course plenty of other interesting activities that you could partake in to satisfy your interests as well as impress admissions officers when they search through your online profiles. Taking initiative and going the extra mile will not only positively reflect on your candidacy to colleges, but it will also instill good behaviors that will payoff in spades.

If you have any other ideas of how you can use social media to your advantage while applying to college, please share them in the comment section.