Finally chose where you’re going to college? Great! What’s next?

So, you finally chose which college you’ll be attending, and you’re PUMPED! No more applications, running to the mailbox everyday and essays!…well, at least not until the fall 😉



It sounds like you’ve earned the opportunity to do the Wayne Brady, over and over again. Congrats, young lad.


But, what’s next? After the celebratory dance, the calls from the grandparents and that aunt you haven’t seen since RocketPower was still on, it’s time to enjoy your acceptance, but to remember that you’ll be entering an exciting and very different phase of life.

The part of college that most people forget about is the early days, meeting friends, going through orientation and summer assignments <–yes, some schools have those :/

So, here’s the deal…

Preparing to prepare for college:

This is where your mom will be obsessing over laundry, bed sheet,s towels, lamps, storage units and all that other boring stuff that was always just there and you never had to worry about. But, take it from the veterans, that it’s MUCH easier to deal with all this hoopla in July than it is the in mid-August when you have a million friends and family to say goodbye to, cramming in that summer assignment that you procrastinated and stressing about everything else that will have all of a sudden piled up.


The BEST thing you can do is to not overpack and go crazy buying everything. I did this. My friends did this. Everyone does this.

You don’t need a whole lot, to be completely honest. But, you do need the basics.Things like towels, bed sheets, a lamp, a few storage boxes, a laundry basket and maybe even one of those pillow/chair things and a few accessories. It makes sense to stock up on the things that you already use everyday, because if you haven’t used something the first 18 years of your life, going to college probably won’t change that.


Worst comes to worst, you can likely find department stores nearby once you get to school to pickup last minute items, just don’t rely on that. Use it solely for backup purposes, because no one wants all that extra stress on top of everything else that will be going on when entering college for the very first time.


Communicate with your roommate:

No, I did not mean for that to rhyme on purpose. However, this is a very important step.

You can your roommate will be living together very closely for the next year, and you’ll likely be sharing things such as a TV, microwave, lamps, fans, and so forth. No one wants to bring 2 microwaves and no TV or vice versa.

All it takes is some occasional texting or staying connected via social channels. Plus, it will help strengthen your relationship before you actually get to college, which is always nice.

protip: If you go into college with a roommate whom you’re already friends with, do your best to meet new people as well. In the first few weeks and months of college, EVERYONE is looking to meet each other, so don’t hide in your room all day with the only person you know. You’ll thank us later 🙂


Plan some activities in advance:

This may seem like a useless action, but trust me, choosing various clubs, intramural sports and groups that you may be interested in before you even arrive at the campus is a major advantage.

Clubs and sports teams are where bonds are solidified and social activity is constantly flowing. You’ll naturally want to hang out with others in your group, and you’ll experience more fund on and off campus than you would if you fly solo the whole time.

So, do your best to join a couple clubs and/or an intramural team, even if you’re shy and don’t really want to do it. You can always leave if it’s not for you, but at least give it a shot!


Don’t stress:

Trust us, it will be just fine.

If you forget something, there’s stores and people all around. If you feel homesick, there’s thousands of others who feel the same. If you…ok, you get.

Going away to college is both fun and exciting, but there’s a lot that gets thrown your way in a short amount of time. As long as you realize everyone else is in the same boat as you, you’ll learn to let go and just enjoy it.

Don’t be afraid to make new friends, try new things and keep in touch with family and friends back home.

And remember, don’t be like this guy!