SAT Scores for Ivy League Schools

Ivy League SchoolsSAT scores for Ivy league schools are not the lone factor determining whether or not admissions officers decide to accept you into school, but a good score is nearly essential for the most prestigious universities.

We can determine the desired range of SAT score for Ivy League schools by looking at their current enrollment:

Just 25 percent of the attendees at Yale and Princeton, for instance, have a reading score below 700. Cornell and Brown are the most tolerant of this, as 25% of their students scored below 630 in that category. For writing, the Ivy League school with the loftiest standards was Yale. Three-quarters of the student body at that school entered with a score of 710 or better in that category. Once again, Brown University in Rhode Island has the lowest written score requirement, accepting 25% of their students with grades of 640 or lower. As in the reading category, a high score in mathematics is most important for students who are applying to Yale or Princeton. These two schools, where only 25% of the students hold SAT scores in mathematics of 710 or lower, is going to be tougher to get into with lower scores than Brown, which comes in at 650.

Although these numbers are high, they are not unattainable. If you have not taken your SAT yet, prepare and study well. If you don’t think your scores are good enough to get into the Ivy League school of your choice, do your best to wow the admissions officers with your essay and interview.