Top 8 Questions and Answers for Students Entering College

8 questionsThere are many questions a high school student going on to college is going to need answered, but let’s start with the “Top eight.”


1) Is college right for me?

If you really want to learn, and gain skills, then yes. If you just want to party, maybe not.


2) How do I pick a major?

Don’t worry about that at first. Most students start college well before declaring their major.


3) How do I know what classes to take f I don’t have a major?

There are likely going to be required courses, like freshman English, start there. Then, add courses required by the field(s) that interest you most.


4) How will I afford school?

Research as many grants and awards as possible, and get your financial aid paperwork in on time.


5) What’s the biggest change from high school?

The biggest change you will find is that you are treated as an adult in college. But it also comes with a lot of responsibility.


6) How much time will schoolwork take?

About two to three hours a day, more with more challenging majors.


7) How far from my home should I attend school?

The best school for you may not be close. Take all factors into account, including being able to visit your family and friends. But, don’t be afraid to travel.


8) How do I avoid the “Freshman 15?”

Many students gain weight their first year in college. Be aware of when you are stressed and don’t eat as a coping mechanism. Choose the healthiest foods possible.

Bobby Touran is the founder and CEO of ApplyKit. ApplyKit helps students manage their entire college application process and also provides key resources to help them excel every step of the way.