What Part of a College Application Matters Most?
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The best thing you can do to get into your favorite college is to study hard in high school.

There are many different parts of a college application that need to be considered when applying for schools. There is the application itself, including the essays, which students either love or dread. There is also the interview and recommendations from counselors and teachers to consider. This makes many students wonder which part(s) of the application are most important, and given the most weight by schools.

The simple, hard truth is that nothing matters more to admissions officers than grades earned in college preparatory courses. Second to that in importance is the difficulty of the courses you have taken in high school.

So, if you really want the best chance of getting into the school of your choice, the best thing you can do for yourself is to earn good grades in college prep courses through your high school career. Grades in non-college prep courses are also vitally important, but most schools put a lot more emphasis on the harder courses.

You will also want to do well on your SAT’s, which is also highly-weighted in the decision-making process by colleges. On the application itself, spend time with your essays, and let other people read them over as well. This is the most important part of the application itself on which to do well.

Surprisingly, interviews for colleges may not matter as much as you might believe. As long as you show up to an interview and do fairly well, your time there should not be a make-or-break event for your application.

Bobby Touran is the founder and CEO of ApplyKit. ApplyKit helps students manage their entire college application process and also provides key resources to help them excel every step of the way.

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    What matters most to one college, may matter least to another. While grades and scores are often paramount, never discount the importance of the essay and supplemental questions, extracurriculars and community service, and that which is more or less beyond the students’ control, such as demographics and ethnicity.

    More and more, colleges are taking a holistic approach to admissions, meaning they look at the whole student in the big picture. Each positive attribute added to the mix, like ingredients to a seven layer cake, takes the applicant up a notch until, hopefully, the whole becomes so much greater than the sum of its parts.

    What’s the most important part of the college application? The part that gets you in! 🙂

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